The coast of the island of Vir, with its lenght of 31,43 km, offers a variety of beaches, from crowded ones to little intimate bays. Number of sunny hours per year is 2450, that is, almost 300 days of sunshine, and the average temperature during the summer months is about 25°C, what makes Vir an ideal beach destination even out of the main season.

The island of Vir offers a variety of beaches such as sand, gravel, stone, rock, unspoiled nature beaches, or ones decorated with a wide variety of entertainment, sports, gastronomy and other content.


Beach Jadro
Gravel beach with sandy seabed on the southern side of the island, in the center of Vir, during the day offers entertainment with a group of animators "Risus", and in the evening it becomes a promenade, the center of events, places, "Vir Summer" events, and beach parties. On the beach you can find a beach bar and fast food "Na mulu", and nearby there is a restaurant Kotarina and terrace Kotarina, summer stage on which the program "Vir Summer" is held. Beach chairs and umbrellas, beach bars, coffee bars, ice cream shops, pizzerias and restaurants and numerous sports activities (diving center, pedal boats, rent a jet ski) complete the offer of the beach that stands out as one of the most beautiful on the island.

Beach Biskupljača
Pebbly beach with the picturesque small port for ships and boats, with sandy seabed. It is located on the north side of the island and in the evening it becomes a promenade, a meeting point.