Bicycles for all ages, child seats, helmets + map of bicycle routes of Vir and surrounding FOR FREE waiting for you. A circular route stretches out across the entire Island of Vir and takes you along the most beautiful and exciting parts of the Island.

We recommend starting in the center of Vir and following the route in counterclockwise direction. The cycling route takes you first through the inhabited part of the island and then you keep on through the magnificent landscapes of the island. The route takes you next to historic sites like castle Kaštelina and Bunari. To discover the island further, use the recommended detours. Rent a Bike available on info stand Vir Tourism in center of Vir (adress: Put Mula 6, 23234 Vir) and Tourist agency Vir Turizam next to Konzum (adress: Prezida VII, 23234 Vir).

  • Rental prices:
  • • price upon request

  • Sjedalica za djecu:
  • • price upon request

Protective head gear, bicycle route map of Vir and the surrounding area FREE.

Bicycles can be rented out in travel agency Vir turizam d.o.o. at supermarket Konzum on address: Prezida VII, 23234 Vir, tel: +385(0)23 346 741, mob: +385(0)91 422 60 70, e-mail: and at the information booth in center of Vir on address: Put Mula 6, 23234 Vir.