Looking from the economic aspect, with its geographic location, natural features and current development, Vir is directed towards the development of tourism. The strategic choice of the Community of Vir is investing in development of tourism as a part of fundamental economic activity, and as a backbone on which the overall economic development of entire area of the island of Vir is continued.

The work of the company "Vir tourism" Ltd, which is owned by the Community, is anticipated by the program that aims to increase competitiveness, thus it becomes the main driver of tourism development on the island of Vir. The company is predicted to be the bearer of some competitiveness programs. With regard to projects that are defined in this Strategy, "Vir tourism" will take over project management for the realization of defined tourism-development projects.

The benefits of the project of reorganization of the "Vir tourism" is reflected in the overall organization of tourism activities, expansion of private accommodation offer, offering agency services to all private landlords through the promotion and sale of tourist capacities, secure implementation of the "Strategy for Tourism Development" and "Operating Plan", a professional project management, creating standards in tourism and more job openings. "Vir tourism" should manage the key investment projects that are of particular importance for the development of Vir, such as the construction of Marina Porat, building and decorating the central square with the promenade, theme beach decorating, planning of tourism zone Srpljica, building a hotel in the center of Vir, and a luxury residential facility within the Vir’s lighthouse.

By the vision that is set in this strategy, Vir is positioned as a middle and upper-middle-ranking destination intended for polite life with international character and family holiday in all parts of the offer: Vir as a "Family Island".