The exceptional purity of the Vir Sea on the west and south side and the impeccable blue sea in the Nova Povljana Canal on the north and east side makes the whole island one attractive beach, whether they are urban or wild, natural beaches. For the most part, Vir beaches are hidden in bays and deep shadow of pine forest and holm oak trees, while the seabed is speckled with sand so the farthest and the most secret beaches open to the visitors like seashells with pearls. The northern part of the island is the most developed, so from the Cape Rastavac to the east and south there are Duboka draga bay or Red rocks, as visitors call this part of the coast, then Svrdljača, Radnjača, Biskupljača, Smratine, Velika Slatina, Brdonja, Mala Slatina, Lučica, Žitna, Prezida, and Plotine.


Along the south coast from the Cape Vrulja there are some attractive beaches like Kosička, Ženska, Rasovača, Stinice, Meka, and Srpljica i.e. Bruselina, Sapavac, Jadro, and Radovanjica. One kilometer long promenade and Jadro beach is the most attractive beach on the island, equipped with four showers and three changing cabins and two beach bars, Maritimo on the sandy part, and the top-level Na Mulu on the pebbled part of the beach Jadro.

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